Friday, 25 February 2011

Ikuta Koji aka Chu [Guitarist]

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Name: Ikuta Koji
D.O.B: 17th March /Age: 20
Position in Romeo Effect: Guitarist
Other: Lolita /  Most popular member
Fanclub Name: Chulita
Sculpt/Company: FL MNF Rheia
Back story
Parents: Ikuta Satoshi & Wakai Maki
Siblings: Sisters: Hana & Nana (twins/younger)
Brother: Seiji (younger)

Ikuta Satoshi is a notorious oyabun of a yakuza family and his wife Maki is a famous tea ceremony hostess. They own a large family compound with many buildings and rooms for various members of the 'family'. This includes now ROMEOEFFECT members and members of the Yakuza. Satsoshi is a fearless leader who has a heart of gold and takes pride in the care of which he looks after everyone in his home. He is very easy going and open minded - never once encouraging his children to be anything other than what they are.

Koji is the oldest child born to his parents. After him, his twin sisters Hana and Nana were born. After them came Seiji. However, despite the large age difference between the older three and Seiji they get along brilliantly. Koji was always a curious and caring child, however he was always dressed as a girl from a young age. This mostly came from his mother's love of the cute kimono and dresses that she could get for Koji and well... no one thought anything of it. It shaped him into the cross dressing adult he is today.

Meeting Kan was an experience Koji would never forget. Despite his small and docile appearence, behind this lies a killing machine - literally. He is trained in various forms of combat and is more than capable of looking after himself. There is one downfall for Ikuta Koji - CAKEUUUUUU!! Any sweet food at all and he is like putty in your palm. He became best friends with Kan and they later joined the MVM company together. Koji insisted that if they were signed together they would have to be in a group together. 

He debuted in July 2009 as part of Romeo Effect and hasn't looked back since!
Personality Etc
Favourite Colour(s): Pink, Purple, Orange, Red & Black
Favourite Animal: Heffalump
Favourite Food:
Cake! Ice Cream! Sweets!
Favourite Film: Hana Yori Dango Final!
Likes: Cake, Bunnies, Fluff, Frills, Pink, Clouds, Hearts, Stars... Girly things!
Dislikes: Crying, Rejection, Bullies & Night time.

Overall Personality:  

Chu is sugary sweet and often called a princess - even though this apparent 'she' is in fact a 'he'. Loving and caring, Chu likes to spoil people and treat them to all sorts of goodies. He's forever buying things that he can send to friends or hand out to some lucky fans at concerts. He's outgoing and blunt - but innocently so. Chu doesn't really have a voice in the back of his mind that can stop him from saying some things. He just doesn't know if its inappropriate for current company. He was never any good at reading a situation. It is just his sense of humour. Chu has always been a girly-girl, since his mother always dressed him as a girl. She had always wanted a girl and well, Chu was there! Chu is openly homosexual though he can find it hard to admit his feelings to people if he likes them (happily taken atm!). 

What else could we say about Chu? He likes to fight for justice and doesn't like to see a friend in trouble. At all. He is quick to fight for you if he believes the other person is in the wrong. He also suffers from nyctalopia (night blindness) which means anywhere ROMEOEFFECT are has to be well lit - be it bus, building, concert etc.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yoshida Kankurō [Lead Vocals]

Name: Yoshida Kankurō
D.O.B: 4th November /Age: 21
Position in Romeo Effect: Lead Vocals
Other: Oldest member
Fanclub Name: Kandie
Sculpt/Company: Dollzone Hid
Back story
Parents: Yoshida Yusuke & Tanzaki Aya
Siblings: Brother: Yoshida Kazuki
He was born the oldest child of Yusuke and Aya. They had been married for five years and almost given up hope of ever having a child. Safe to say, he is their miraculous bundle of joy. Kan often wonders to himself if he ever turned out the way they wanted. If not, they always have their perfect second son, Kazuki. He was always more interested in taking over the family business anyway. Kan's father detested his interest in rock music early on. From the age of four he was classically trained to play piano and violin. He was raised to be the perfect son, the perfect heir but his indifference to anything meant he skipped school and fell in with the 'wrong crowd'. Needless to say the moment he heard JRock, he was awakened.

Kan made it his goal in life then to be on stage and perform. He didn't care about his education and ended up in a fight with Ikuta Koji - the son of a notorious Yakuza Oyabun. Koji was trained in many different fighting styles and while looking like a girl (Kan: Awww com'on he's in a dress christssake!) he handed Kan's ass to him. Since then, they became firm friends and Kan sees it as his duty to look after Koji/Chu. Kan has rejected the life set up for him by his mother and father and hasn't looked back. He and Koji joined MVM when they were fifteen and sought to debut as Idols. It was an unconvential route in their mind (who wanted to be another factory produced band?) but their wild success in recent years would do little to make them question their decision. Kan was placed as the Lead Singer and Leader of ROMEO EFFECT (sounding like Yasu of A.B.C).
They debuted in July 2009.
Personality Etc
Favourite Colour(s): Black, Silver, Blue
Favourite Animal: Tanuki
Favourite Food:
Favourite Film: Anything Studio Ghibli
Likes: Singing, Winter, Summer, Food, Pandas, Neon lights, Pandas, Manga, Alcohol, Pandas, Koji (as a friend), Fighting and Tattoos.
Children, Jpop, Jaesun, Jo Jo, Ninjas, Rain, Xbox, Bugs, Sushi, TV Dramas, Otaku, Travelling.

Overall Personality:
Kan is grumpy. Really. He rarely finds happiness in anything (Only Koji, Pandas & Singing). The first thing you would notice when you went into his room at their dormitory would be he loves keeping the place dark but also of his obsession. With Pandas. We're not talking an 'Aww how cute' we're taking a 'Fluffy Fluffy, Panda Pandy, Don't know why do you make me Randy~" sort of obsession. Plushies, pictures, figurines, posters, bed sheets. Everything. He's quiet, doesn't say anything unless he has to and also has his favourite Panda plushies with him. He likes dressing as a Panda. Kan has no interest in Men or Women (only Pandas). He's also very... fierce? I suppose thats the word to use. He swears a lot and doesn't get along with a lot of people. He doesn't try to. He's blunt and opinionated. His fans love it though.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Kim Jaesun [Guitarist/Backing Vocals]

Korean Name: Kim Jae Sun (김제선)
Japanese Name: 豺洵
D.O.B: 25th April /Age: 17
Position in Romeo Effect: Guitarist & Backing Vocals
Other: Youngest member

Fanclub Name: Blue Jae
Sculpt/Company: Angelheim Junior Luka (Pan)
Back story
Parents: Kim Noh Woo & Honda Aiko
Siblings: N/A

Father is the CEO of Noh Industries which is one of the largest companies in Korea which manufacture electronics. This was a business he started himself when he was twenty years old. His mother is Honda Aiko, the only daughter of Kentarou and Megumi Honda. She is the heir of the Honda company. Yes, the car company. She met Noh Woo at an Inter-Asia business conference when she was just eighteen years old (please not that Jaesun's father is a good eleven years older than his mother).

Jaesun was born as the first and only child of Noh Woo and Aiko in Chiba, Chiba - Japan. However, soon after his third birthday his parents moved to Seoul, South Korea. Aiko gave up her position within in the Honda company, letting her younger brother Toma take over. It should be noted that she has not gone back to work for the Honda company since. Jaesun was effectively raised in South Korea until he moved back to Japan to play with Romeo Effect. He was given a Japanese name upon his birth but prefers to use his Korean name. 

Not one to feel homesick, Jaesun often travelled back to Japan himself to visit his grandparents there. It was during the summer when he was thirteen years old that Jaesun was scouted by MVM - a upcoming music label under Sony Japan. His parents, at first, couldn't agree to him joining a music label and being trained to become part of a group. However, once they realised how passionate Jaesun was about this, they let him join MVM. He was fourteen. Three years passed by while he trained and the Visual Kei group of ROMEO EFFECT was put together. They debuted in July 2009.

Personality Etc
Favourite Colour(s): Pink, Black & Green
Favourite Animal: Flamingo

Favourite Food: Kimchi
Favourite Film: Anything horror
Likes: Rainy days, Performing on stage, Reading, Korean food, Long hair, Hello kitty and Travelling.
Rainbows, Singing, Rainbows, Playing Guitar, Pokemon, Bows, Skinny jeans, Black & Pink.
Dislikes: Squid, Jo Jo, School, Frills, Teddy bears, Dogs, Glitter & Outfits that reveal too much skin.

Overall Personality:

Often caught up in his own daydreams, Jaesun would be quieter than most members of the group. He rarely speaks for the group during interviews and only comes alive on stage. Its different up there. He feels as though he can really let go and no one will judge him. Jaesun has a fear of rejection. Struggling to make friends, he often gives up if someone doesn't look interested in him. Little does he know, he has one of the biggest fan-clubs out of the group (Chu's being the biggest!). His passion for music and performing is obvious, he is often caught up writing his own lyrics for songs (but never brave enough to show them!). Where he lacks in confidence he makes up for in love. Jaesun is a very loving person if you're lucky enough to be his friend. He's caring and considerate - he always keeps the plushies and toy that fans keep him. His room is filled with gifts! He can never bring himself to get rid of anything. Jaesun can seem rather mopy at times, sad and downhearted. He just doesn't know how to express himself around a lot of people so withdraws into himself.


So this will be my Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) related blog! After discovering so many of them on Blogger, I've decided to make my own. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up to date with whats going on in my BJD hobby related activities. Also, I will finally write down details of my dolls to help keep track of their personality quirks and histories etc. Clair might find that super helpful haha.

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