Wednesday, 31 August 2011

threadless! [LIFE] [GEEK]

So I've always admired the teeshirts that come from threadless and recently I decided - heck, why not order a few? This turned into ordering three $10 teeshirts! I'm super happy with them, with Threadless, and with the fact I got these teeshirts the last day they were on sale. I'm pretty sure all of them are back up to $15-20 - something like that. Woo woo! I'm glad I finally took that plunge and there is more pictures of the other teeshirts I got under the read more. A few webcam shots and then some actually taken with my camera to show details etc. The one pictured here is probably my favourite - I've wanted it for a while...

Saturday, 27 August 2011


I know I should use my Nebraska blog for this, but I'm lazy and well. I think I will integrate everything here. You all won't mind for a few months (or more) will you? No? Yes? Who cares really, it's my blog so I'll put what I like here. I suppose it's nice to give your blog some direction but yuh. This post will have a lot of images from the day after the read more so beware and enjoy!

Hayarpi & Afaf

You & I [BJD]

Anyways~ I figured, after what was a fun morning (man, I'm so tired now!) I would take a few pictures of Ash. Actually there was a lot more than what's shown here but alas, you know how it is. I had to weed out a few bad ones. I don't have anything to edit pictures right now and honestly I don't like doing that. At most I'll resize and maybe touch up sharpening. It's too much effort to do more than that. That being said I have posted more heavily edited pictures but... yeah...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I should blog more... [MISC/BJD]

I haven't been blogging all that much and honestly, there isn't a lot for me to talk about that hasn't be posted in various other places. I'm always on Twitter or Facebook (being more active on Facebook as a lot of internationals are on there). I haven't had a chance to take pictures of Ash and I'm a little wary about taking him outside. Omaha is too far away to make regular meets there but I should still try and integrate with the doll community there - after all, I'm living in Nebraska for a while!

Ah Nebraska, I was supposed to keep a blog on that as well but... nothing significant ever happens for me to blog about it. I'm just a normal girl going to class everyday. I'm studying Feminism Theories, East Asian History, Japanese language and then Japanese Culture too. I actually have a quiz to study for E.Asian History but oh look, I'm on here blogging instead. There was a poster sake today as well so I bought a Japan one (same as I have at home!) and a doctor who one.

I've actually got some stuff arriving in the post. I finally ordered from Threadless. Oh wait, I need to insert a read more here...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Guess Who? [BJD]

I was staring at him today thinking, damn, I haven't taken photos of anyone in a lonngggg time. I feel superbad for neglecting them in this way, I don't mean to though. Sometimes life carries you away and time just goes on. Ever get that feeling? I seem to always make plans for all these wonderful things I'll do over the summer and before you know it half of August is gone and you've no idea what you have to show for it. Aside from preparing for America and everything that goes with that, I can't say I've really do anything productive with my summer. I've done plenty of little things - joined BNATION / became moderator, became somewhat Tumblr famous (craycray tumblr people, I don't even...) and just generally little things that don't impact the bigger picture.

Sorry, I seemed to have gone off on a ramble when really I just meant to show off some pictures I took of Ash! As usual expect more under the read more.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

MugenDay [JPOP]

Yesterday was the 8th day of the 8th month! And that's a pretty big thing for Kanjani8 fans haha. Cause we're all about the eights. It's our day to celebrate our wonderful group! And what's not to love? Well, this is just a short post to show what I did for that day... which was just post two pictures of myself on tumblr and write a little about being a fan. Not much so I don't think it needs to go under a read more.

Again Mac pictures~~ fwee for being lazy and having a supermegaawesomeface computer~

I’m a relatively new fan. We’re talking… a month? Less than that even. I have yet to watch a concert or see everything they’ve done but… wow, these seven (prior eight) guys have meant so much to me this pass less-than-a-month. It’s ridiculous, but they’ve made me feel better about myself and my future. Their music has been the first thing I turned to when I was sad and it’s easy to say I’ll keep them with me for the rest of my days. I’ve come to see Shibutani Subaru as my favourite and then Yokoyama Yu as my second but I adore every single member in the group! It’s hard knowing such wonderful people and not loving every one right? Teehee. So yeah. I wanted to do my little bit for them and this should be posted at midnight my time meaning, HAPPY EIGHT DAY!!

Oh My God! He's wearing a Fez! [MISC/DW]

Aaah! Why did they take so long to arrive? Not to mention customs made me pay £11.71! Seriously? And £8 was the handling fee from parcelforce. Okay, normally I don't care about this sort of thing but this is the first time I've gotten it on items that weren't doll related. Oh well, they've been paid because I want my items. -mutters something under breath-

Yes, more mac pictures~ (only because I share this stuff on tumblr too!) Aren't you guys so lucky? Actually there are a few under the read more that are taken with my camera so pop on through to see those~

Sunday, 7 August 2011

0VER 2000!!!

Eight! [LIFE!]

Eight is a pretty important number right now. I leave for Nebraska in eight days. Eight day is on Monday. Kanjani8! Um. Yeah, okay it's not that important and that is pretty much everything I can think of related to that number. Aside from the fact it is a lucky number for me. But wait! What? Eight days until you leave for Nebraska? I can hear you say. Yup! A big ole fat eight! Scary close right! I've never travelled so far by myself before, it's enough to induce several panic attacks. Haven't packed yet and I have so much left to sort out before I fly away for good (or until May next year...).

Saturday was my last day at work and it was kinda sad to leave. I didn't shed any tears and I didn't feel an overwhelming amount of sadness but at the same time, it had to be sad... right? I've worked there for so long and I really felt part of the 'family'. More about the future and some pictures and other random updates beyond the read more!