Friday, 17 June 2011

It's been a while... [KPOP/JPOP/BJD]

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated much. Actually, A LOT has happened since I last blogged. I got my macbook pro, Ash is coming back now from his faceup with Meggilu and I got more CDs! -rejoices- Part of which is also Clair's birthday present which I now need to wrap. I'm totally going to make a video of that to prove to her that I wrap presents myself muwhaha. I've also gotten a load more DVDs. So once I watch a few of the Asian ones, I'll make a post/video about those!

So I make box opening videos of CDs I get. It's kinda a 'thing' that started between me and David (twitter friend) after we found out people actually make box openings of... well... everything! It surprised me! I honestly thought it was just a BJD thing. So in the videos posted behind the read more cut thing, I have me opening two parcels of Kpop CDs, going through and talking a bit about Kpop. I then show my CD collection, which is something I *think* Claudia asked me to do. She's a super cool VIP/Blackjack from Northern Ireland. You can follow her here (blog) and here (twitter). I'll also post the pictures Meggliu took of Ash! He looks AMAZING!

First, pictures of Ash. Haha.
Crobidoll Haz

Crobidoll Haz

So he's supposed to look moody and kinda like Jang Geun Suk - but I've talked about this before and everyone knows the drill now!! He's gorgeous. I'm absolutely in love with this sculpt all over again. I know I made the right choice going with Meggilu. I can't find fault with her faceups at all and I'm so proud to say I own a doll she's worked her magic on!

Now to the videos!

This is the first one with my opening albums and what have you. Clair, be warned - if you watch this you WILL see you birthday present haha. Even though you already know what it is!


Claudia said...


Claudia said...

And LOL thanks so much, that's unreal though :o

Adjunct Fangirl said...

haha you're welcome claudyyy~~ i have more cds heading this way still /shot

Alice said...

Your Haz looks AMAZING, I *love* Meggilu's works! ^^

Immie said...

Yaaay sexy Ash ^___________^

Adjunct Fangirl said...

Haha thanks guys! hope i get to go collect him from parcel force tomorrow! they've put charges on him .____.

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