Friday, 25 May 2012

4 Years with SHINee [Kpop]

So it's SHINee's 4th year since debut. I don't have anything prepared just a simple graphic and a few words so this won't be going under a read more.

SHINee are a group that mean a lot to me. Their members are inspiring, heart-warming, caring & brilliant people. They all have their strengths and their flaws. I'm grateful to know this group as they have brought me so many smiles and tears since I've known them & I can only hope they continue to SHINe brightly as five together for many more years to come. SHINee, Thank You

Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's been too long [BJD]

Wow... So how long has it been since I posted here? I had contemplated making Kpop / Jpop related updates but then I was always so busy with school that I never got around to it and I felt as those the 'moment had passed' when I did think about going back to it... Regardless, I'm updating now.

Recently I met up with Clair and we had a mini-meet in Belfast. Unfortunately other members of our BJD group weren't able to meet with us and we're not able to meet with them this Sunday (terrible timing is terrible). Regardless, we decided to go ahead.

I took my camera with me but had no memory card as I had misplaced it earlier that week. Then as we settled down into Cafe Nero, I realised that my camera wasn't as fully charged as I had assumed. Silly me I know! Live and Learn! Haha. So I was very... reluctant to take a lot of picture. We had a lot of fun posing dollies and Clair got to meet Yuya for the first time while I got to meet her doll Jin for the first time. Also, after a long absence it was nice to have Chu back in my hands. I can't thank Clair enough for being so kind to babysit him for me while I was in the States. She's a saint!

We weren't so prepared for our meet in that, there wasn't a single thing for fixing wigs but we were mostly meeting up for ourselves firstly and then the dolls were a cheeky bonus. If you're averse to dolly wigs being messy and whatnot... well.. I did warn you ;D