Tuesday, 31 May 2011

1,000 page views!

Thanks so much!
너무 감사합니다! 

Brb giving it to his Y [BJD]

I know these are on my Flickr. And I know I posted them on Den of Angels too. People are curious about Haz and to be honest, I'm confused as to why there aren't a lot more of these guys running around Den of Angels. Just me? The only other Haz owner I know of is someone I found on dA (though I'm pretty sure she has a DOA account?). There certainly ARE more of him somewhere. Since he was released as a limited doll to begin with and well... he obviously sold out... Anyways. When people are looking for various photographs of sculpt and poses and stuff... I obviously have no idea what they want and take a million pictures of the same thing. Yes, he still doesn't have a faceup. He'll be sent away for his faceup soon... I hope...

Well I took about 19 photos today because a lot of people ask to see this sculpt, especially since he is blank at the moment. He'll be packed up after this into a shipping box.


Haz 1

Monday, 30 May 2011

I has a Haz [BJD]

I finally got to finish opening my Haz. The wait was bareable! I was so surprised! I expected I would be clawing the walls haha. I was working twelve hours on Saturday so I supposed that help to pass the time. I also doodled him on a scrap receipt nearer the end of my shift.


Friday, 27 May 2011

To the Stage My Heart is Beat Beat Beat Beating [BJD]

I've just put Haz into my SD doll carrier -squees- and he's ready to be opened on Sunday with my doll friends. I can NOT state enough how amazing a company Crobidoll are. Not only did Haz ship within two weeks, they also sent a little surprise along with Haz (something I didn't expect. At all. Omfg, I love it so so much).

Sneak peak pictures within. Well, just the start of the box opening.
L-R: Dollzone, Fairyland, Angelheim & Crobidoll

Thursday, 26 May 2011


There is nothing to lose
There is no going back
Everything is a risk
Let the show begin

My Junno shop photos / concerts photos and Don't U Ever Stop single CD arrived. Let's just say I'm MORE than happy with these items ahaha. I have so many Junno pictures now... [about 35 not including calender pictures

*lyrics translated by http://7gami.livejournal.com/3185.html 

Chu Chu Chu~ [BJD]

So Chu's parts arrived today! I was so excited to finally get them and now... I'm not so sure. Alright, I know they were never going to be a perfect fit but now I have them... I'm kinda scared to mod them. What if I do it wrong? I've never modded anything like this before! Of course, I had bought a yo-sd forever and an age ago to mod (a DollFamily doll) which I did. But that was facial mods and nothing on this scale. Plus, I paid rather a lot just for legs. So I'm stuck with the dilemma of modding or selling on.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Bride and the Father [Jdrama]

The postman was nice to me today and my Jdrama DVDs were delivered! Finally I can finish Hanayome to Papa! I actually have a copy of the drama dvds already but unfortunately the second disk doesn't work so I'm not able to watch it. Of course this is disappointing and its taken me a long time to get around to replacing them. Unfortunately (I know...) with this copy, the casing seems to have broken in transit and so I might stick the dvds from this copy into the other cover... Okay... More under the cut haha.

*picture from google.com

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

#SHINee3rdDebut [Kpop]

It's SHINee's third year since debut! I can't believe it! Times flies so quickly. My time as a shawol (SHINee fan; comes from SHINee World and pronounced as SHA Wol) isn't as long, only two years next month! I find it amazing that the Taemin Cheering Towel I ordered arrived today as well! More pictures under the cut!

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Goods which Hazel ordered is delivering!!!

After only nine days of waiting, my first second SD boy is on his way home. Holycrap Crobidoll that's amazing. Including weekends I've still only waited 13 days! Usually it would take a company 20 to 40 days to ship [unless there is a back log etc]. Wow. Just wow. I need to buy him some clothes, stat!

Me rn:

Sunday, 22 May 2011

This one is for you [JPOP]

I'm a massive Junno fan -points to animated gifs of Prince Junnosuke in the side bar- so I take it very seriously trying to get Junno merchandise and had a little splurge to myself today. More info and pictures are under the cut! I'm going to start using cuts (the read more link) more often as I don't want huge bulks of text filling up the screen. Also it will let people pick what they want to read without having to scroll a lot.

I miss you and my heart is uneasy... [KPOP]

That line, the title of this blog... It's a line from Friend's Graduation (Wanna Be Your Love) / 친구졸업 (Wanna Be Your Love). One of my favourite songs by the group that it seemed appropriate almost...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Not Doll related?! Eeeeh?!

Yup, you read it. This is one post that isn't doll related. I wouldn't say its connected to another hobby, since I don't think of myself as much as part of a hobby there than in the fandom. Its to do with Jpop and Kpop! Since this might not interest a lot of people I'll shove it under a cut. There are pictures and everything!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Those Gorgeous Clothes...

I find its hard enough saving up for a doll, then you have to think about wigs and eyes and clothes and shoes... maybe their faceup as well if they were ordered without a company one. It never ends, these tiny drains on our resources. You want the best for your dolls, don't you? I'm always at a loss when I look at my dolls and I think, "Hmm... he needs his eyes and wig... and she needs her new wig... and he needs a new wig... they all need clothes..." I feel like it never ends. In the works are Jo Jo's new wig, Kan's new eyes and Chu's new eyes. Of course Chu, Kan and Jaesun all need new wigs as well. And then there's clothes... but of course... I've ordered an SD as well.

Thankfully I ordered Ash with his wig. All I have to worry about are eyes and clothes etc. Usually I'm happy enough buying clothes from Dollmore but then... Crobi themselves have GORGEOUS clothes that I know I want for Ash and Jeremy. Which reminds me, more on Jeremy later... I love 9Ninestyle clothes as well. Last year when I had my first SD, he was completely spoiled. I spent a lot of money on wigs and clothes for him, even bought him jointed hands! I know this time that I can't go completely over the top. I need to consider I have four MSDs that all need to be sorted. Before I go away in August, I would like for them all to have their proper eyes and wigs. Jo Jo is going to have gorgeous dark, long hair. She's supposed to come across as being a bitch and bit girlier now. Then Chu needs pinkish eyes and this bleach-blonde and pink wig I've eyed up from Usagihime. Not to mention the fact I'm waiting on his bunny parts to be shipped. I've spent $200 on them, I hope this work out!

Kan needs new eyes. Glass at the very least. I'm ordering from Captured in Glass to get Kan, Chu & Ash their eyes. He needs a new wig as well, the one he has is really patchy and not well made. I want to get him a lovely fur wig, blonde of course. I don't mind experimenting with the shade a little. And then Jaesun. He has his look pretty much finished. I just need to replace the lost wig -chuckles-. Can't believe I lost his wig!! The perils of traveling on bus!

So more on Jeremy eh?

Well. I've come to terms with the fact I just won't have money in time to get him. I'm being back paid my student grant from this year but it still has to be finalized. So, which lucky sculpt have I chosen for him now? Well, if any of you do any sort of detective work online (come on, we all stalk every once in a while) you would know I mentioned it was another Crobi boy. How could I resist. I had looked at this sculpt time and time again. I had talked myself out of getting him, bouncing from him to Tei over and over again. Finally I had settled on Haz (love at first sight *¬*) but now I know he's perfect for Jeremy. It that darn adorable face!

Yes,Nia is my new Jeremy. Of course, if by a miracle I have everything sorted in time I would still consider getting the limited Lance but at the same time, HE'S SO CUTE *¬* I'll get him without a faceup and comission someone else to do it. I loveeee his faceup but the way Crobi paint his lips is just odd haha. Along with him I hope to order some clothes and his wig too. -squees- I haven't been so excited about this hobby in a long time. Honestly, I -was- excited about getting Chu but there was a damper put on the whole thing that made me sad about getting him as well. But thats in the past and I love him to pieces now! Just need to finish my bunny boy! He'll be needing a new faceup and all.

I love how you can flip-flop so much in this Hobby in the run up to buying a doll haha. I know plenty of people who have made last minute decisions and not regretted them. I'm one of them!

Final Note: I want all the new gorgeous Crobi clothes... and then some  TT__TT -moths fly out of wallet-

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So I bought a new doll...

And cause I'm a dork I went onto TinierGoodies.com and made up what Aa Shu (Ash) should look like.
As soon as Crobi released Haz I released two things 1. If that isn't a 'fandoll' of JGS in Mae Ri Stayed Out All Night / Marry Me, Mary! then I don't know what is 2. OMFG I HAVE TO HAVE HIM, ITS A JGS-ESQUE DOLL AND TOTALLY FITS A CHARACTER OF MINEEEE. And thus, I had to have him. How could I not? JGS was my first Korean Ultimate Bias (these be srs business to fangirls) until Seungho came bopping along.I'm actually not one to have characters for dolls already so I tweaked the character in mind (Furuya Hiro) and made him into Aa Shu, my Korean Singer who is breaking into the Japanese market with his latest single. He is MASSIVE in SK. I'll do him a proper bio later. I just... -squees- I can't believe he's on his way to me! My second SD and hopefully this one sticks! HE'S SO FLUFFY I'M GOING TO DIEEE!!

Much spazzing, I apologise. I'm still kinda in shock and realllly sick right now with the cold. So much so, I'm contemplating calling in sick to work. I mean, who wants to be served at a till by someone who is dying? Then again, I need the monies :/ Gah.

Also, Ash's love interest Minyoung should be a AS Kana.... but yeah :/ Me and Clair spent ages looking for the perfect SD girl and Clair showed me Kana. This was now months ago. I need to save better haha. I think it will be a LONG time before I get his girlfriend sorted (his father is convinced he's homosexual due to his long hair...). I am on the lookout for other SD girls who might be perfect with Haz. Minyoung is a tomboy through and through. And one of his biggest fans teehee. Good thing she's so happy go lucky and bubbly, she has to put up with Ash. He happens to be rather moody and unimpressed with a lot of people. He has a sweet side, just takes a while for him to show it...

This is his soonnnngggg that is stuck in my head (as in, the song I think of when I think of Ash). Its from the Mae Ri Stayed Out All Night OST and is called My Bus.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mini Tiny Update

Ash's korean name is now Shinyu.
His father is still Gunwoo.
He now has a best friend in the limited Crobi sculpt called Jeremy Moon.
I HAVE to have this Lance :/
Lance Day Dream Ver. 2.
I even have photographic proof:

If I get my student loan back paid in time, he will be mine.
If not I'll either get a normal Lance version -cry-, Minyoung bought or Jaemi (Chibi Unoa!).
Really want Jeremy .____. curse you Crobi!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Tiny update about Minyoung, Ash's love interest. I've found a second potential sculpt for her so now it's between Angell Studio Kana and Ringdoll Wagashi.

Either way she's my little tomboy fangirl of Ash kekeke. Their relationship won't be easy /derp. Much like Tae Kyung & Mi Nam/Mi Nyeo