Thursday, 23 June 2011


DVDs & Manga & Manhwa, oh my! [DVD/MG/MH]

I didn't want to write Manga and Manhwa in the title so MG represents Japanese comics and MH represents Korean comics. I don't want to clutter my titles but I want people to know what the post is about... and it's pretty self explanatory right now haha. In the future, I'll use MH and MG also.

So instead of splitting it into a million tiny posts, I thought I would talk about all of this in one post. As well as being a Jpop/Kpop fangirl and collecting BJDs - two other passions I have are for manga/manhwa and films. Mostly I would watch foreign films, so... pretty much everything I have to show here is World Cinema or Anime (Studio Ghibli). I'm so close to completely my Studio Ghibli collection. I have the core DVDs from the recognised Studio Ghibli collection. There are plenty more associated films out there that I'd love to have as well. Unfortunately, since my brother has taken my Xbox I haven't had a chance to watch many... well, what are Macs for, eh?

Shining Light [BJD]

Okay. let's completely ignore the fact that Parcelforce made me pay £42.34 for something I already owned. I'm not welcoming anyone posting here about how I should fight Parcelforce for the money. In my views, even though I'm not happy, Ash's head DID get to me safely. He was insured for $200 for a reason. That aside, I shall proceed to gush over the gorgeous that is my doll. Meggilu did a FANASTIC job. His teeth are so cute! So I couldn't take him out today for pictures, which is disappointing, but I was able to take a few indoor pictures. I find it hard to vary my photograph locations sometimes... yes, even in a big house like this one!

I'll post pictures under the cut and also will be posting a second blog post after this one to show off some KAT-TUN items that came in the post for me and also some DVDs! I find that variety is nice when it comes to blogging and I'm happy to see how my blog has developed over the past few months from being solely about BJDs to incorporating more hobbies I enjoy!

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how many pictures I would take... and end up with only five or six good ones to show off... but I also love this! I'm rather fussy about my photography and so it takes me a while to choose what I like. I'd like to think I am getting better though...

Friday, 17 June 2011

It's been a while... [KPOP/JPOP/BJD]

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated much. Actually, A LOT has happened since I last blogged. I got my macbook pro, Ash is coming back now from his faceup with Meggilu and I got more CDs! -rejoices- Part of which is also Clair's birthday present which I now need to wrap. I'm totally going to make a video of that to prove to her that I wrap presents myself muwhaha. I've also gotten a load more DVDs. So once I watch a few of the Asian ones, I'll make a post/video about those!

So I make box opening videos of CDs I get. It's kinda a 'thing' that started between me and David (twitter friend) after we found out people actually make box openings of... well... everything! It surprised me! I honestly thought it was just a BJD thing. So in the videos posted behind the read more cut thing, I have me opening two parcels of Kpop CDs, going through and talking a bit about Kpop. I then show my CD collection, which is something I *think* Claudia asked me to do. She's a super cool VIP/Blackjack from Northern Ireland. You can follow her here (blog) and here (twitter). I'll also post the pictures Meggliu took of Ash! He looks AMAZING!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tiny Update is Tiny [BJD/JFILM]

I love movies. Really LOVE movies. I have quite a collection (well, nothing impressive but yeah...) and a few people now have asked me to consider posting about films I have on my blog. Mostly it was for Asian film and Disney film! Hahah. I'm happy to oblige during the summer to just talk about my favourite movies and what sort of films I like. Today in the post I received a movie! Hence why I'm typing about this right now. I love, love, love Studio Ghibli films. Miyazaki can always weave magic into any story. Truly, he is gifted. I am only seven films short of completing my Studio Ghibli collection!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

We Shouldn't See Each Other Anymore [BJD]

I got some fantastic news today that my finance was finally sorted. This has been something of an ongoing battle over the past two years and finally its all smoothed out. I had been talking with a friend about getting another SD sized doll if my grant allows for it and I written in the left side bar which on I'm getting (and in various posts before!). I just thought I would take this opportunity to talk about his character history and where the idea of his character came from - that sort of thing.

A Parcel from CHINA [BJD]

Today some stuff I had ordered from Ebay had arrived for Ash. I highly reccommend that you that a look at what mybayer2008 as I find anything I buy is always of high quality and the prices are reasonable as well. I've ordered both SD and MSD sized clothing (for Ash, my old Kanguk & my MNF). Fitting is always perfect and the material is lovely. I've never had a bad experience with this. This time around I ordered SD jeans for Ash as he badly needs his own trousers as well as two pairs of glass eyes. I intend to have the blue ones for Ash but bought another pair for a future SD boy (although I will try them in Ash as well and if I prefer them, he'll keep them.)

Read more for more pictures!