Friday, 23 September 2011

In which I'm Legal! [LIFE!] [IMG HEAVY]

Yes! You heard right! I'm now 21 and therefore can do all the crazy things many american freshman dream of doing... but I can do cause I'm old and not a freshman - ha! My birthday was amazing. I can't even express how awesome and crazy and beautiful and amazing and everything else it was. People here are amazing and lovely and aaah! I'm just so overwhelmed with happiness and I can't believe how awesome it all was. Tonight I'm heading to a Nerd themed frat party so that should be INSANE but for now I have a few pictures of what my room looked like. Yes, I kept mentioning this on twitter and facebook and finally I have pictures.

All pictures are taken from the morning after since there were so many people in my room and I didn't get a chance to whip out the camera and snap pictures of everything. I'll try and swipe from others on Facebook and share them on my wall there.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Look I got plushies! [JPOP] [KPOP]

So today in the mail I got plushies I had custom made. One for myself of Junno and the other of Joon from MBLAQ's Oh Yeah era for my biffleface Merry. They arrived within two days of being shipped and the overall cost for them together was good. Including shipping, I'm extremely pleased. The person who made them, Summer, is incredibly lovely and amazing to work with. She's truly a wonderful person who deserves ever customer she gets - not to mention how fast she is! You can visit her shop here and please support her!

I don't have a lot of pictures. At a later date I may or may not take more pictures. I'm awaiting the arrival of more stuff so I can wrap together Merry's present and send it (in time, I hope) to her for her birthday. Under the read more are all the pictures (4 in total I think...) that I took.