Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rwar! means, I love you in Dinosaur! [BJD]

Name: Akanishi Yuya
赤西 祐也
Nationality: Japanese-English
English Name: Alphonse
Japanese: アルフォンス
D.O.B: March 31st /Age: Secret~ ;D
Other: Only child
Sculpt/Company: Secret ;D
Parents: Akanishi Sho & Bethany Williams
Siblings: N/A

Personality Etc
Favourite Colour(s): Light Blue
Favourite Animal: Dinosaurs

Favourite Food: Omurice
Favourite Film: DINOSAURS!
Likes: School, Seiji & Kenji, His parents, Dinosaurs, travelling, rain, pop music & the smell of crayons.

Dislikes: Shashimi, bullies, England, Kanji, trains, swimming, hot summer days & early mornings.
So really this is a tiny post to say, I have a new dolly planned and hopefully I'll be able to buy him in the next few days. I found him second hand on the marketplace! If not, I'll end up buying him brand new from the company in January but... I'd rather have the second hand doll. He's in perfect confidition. So hopefully I can bring Yuya home! I'll reveal more about him once he's here (or if I have to buy him brand new, once he is on order!).


Louise said...


Hazel Callan said...

Someone has to!

Immie said...

Aw yay ^____^ Can't wait to meet him!

Clair said...

Yuya-Kuuuun! Can't wait for him to come home and join the dollie mafia! xDDD リタルフィ やくざ ですね? ^3^

Hazel Callan said...

Thanks Clare and Clair.
@clair: リタルフィはかわいいですよ(^3^)

Clair said...

@ Hazel- I couldn't agree more. とてもかわいいですよ! ヘイゾルさんはたくさんリタルフィがほしいですね?
I love having someone else to speak random Japanese to :P

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