Monday, 18 July 2011

It's My Soul! [JPOP/MISC]

After complaining about not blogging on twitter and then reading Claudia's post, I realised that some of us don't update a lot during the summer. Even looking at my archives, I blogged more during May than any other time. Maybe because I just used it as a coping mechanism (I prefer that term than procrastination~). Regardless, this has turned into a blog where I talk less about myself and more about things I buy. This shows two things about me, I hate talking about myself and I think the stuff I buy says more about me than I could myself. Wow. Mouthful.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Replay, Replay, Replay! [KPOP/JPOP]

I put this under KPOP/JPOP since its a Kpop group making their Japanese debut and trying their hand at Jpop - which is completely different from the slick and polished look of Kpop. A lot of groups aren't even successful at this unless they are super good at Japanese, their song is completely original or if a remake, it's fucking fantastic. I think SHINee works with remaking Replay simply because SM have put a lot of effort into the video/promotion and their Japanese is pretty good (from what I know haha).

So naturally being a shawol, I bought both editions of their Japanese REPLAY -kimi wa boku ni dake no everything- album. This included a limited edition and then a deluxe limited edition. One came with a postcard, the other with a photocard and the deluxe edition had a hard cover plus some extra photos.

Friday, 1 July 2011

My Mac is Wonderful [JPOP/KPOP]

Simply because it has a HD camera... and when I'm feeling super lazy and can't be bothered to use my DSLR to take pictures, I have this camera! Haha. I've been feeling lazy rather a lot lately, simply because I'm working a lot more at my part-time job!

Anyway, I've gotten some new stuff since the last time I posted and also I finally finished Hanayome to Papa. I've going to take a moment to talk about that since Junnosuke acted in that drama haha. Well. That ending. Tears were shed -  a lot. It was so bittersweet and beautiful, and her father was loyal to himself to the end haha. I loved the song he sang, which featured in the drama a lot. I need to hunt it down for my iPod now. Ishihara Satomi played Aiko beautifully as well. I went through the whole process of Yay Seiji & Aiko > No No No No ;A; > Bugger off evil mother!! > YAY MARRIAGE!! > WTF?! ;A; Aiko what are you doing?! > FFS EVIL FATHER GTFO!!! > YAY MARRIAGE!!

Seriously, I get very emotionally invested into something like this haha.

Anyways pictures of stuff I've gotten in the mail are under the readmore!