Friday, 2 March 2012

My All is in You [BJD]

Hello bloggers~ It has been far too long since I last blogged here. I did contemplate making a post about the new SPICA album I had gotten in the post but then was completely swamped with schoolwork. Another thing I hate about being so swamped with schoolwork is a lack of desire to be online and thus a lack of time to talk to the people online. However, my sleep schedule is better! I now sleep from about 10:30pm to 7am every night - which is a lot better than not sleeping at all! Due to this I am reluctant to spend long nights on the computer in fear that I mess up my progress. I like being on a proper schedule. I also have been reading a lot more.

Well that's not the reason why I'm posting this, I randomly decided to take a few shots of my darling Yuya. I was reading 'The Long Walk' by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) and just *zing* wanted to take some pictures of Yuya. I really want to take him into a different environment for pictures as well. So perhaps I will dress him up and taking him outside tomorrow for a mini shoot ^o^ The weather has been getting really nice here lately. Lovely and warm, if a tad windy. Nice picture taking weather.

However, while editing my pictures there wasn't a lot that I liked. A grand total of three! Hence why I want to get out there and take better pictures. Also. Happy March! Hard to believe we're already in our third month of the new year. I will be heading home on the 13th of May from the lovely Nebraska and thus I will be taking an overnight flight back home and will land on the 14th! I'm too excited for going home, as much as I love being in America. I can't wait to take all my memories and souvenirs back with me!

I’ve also made the decision that I will apply to teach English in S. Korea when I graduate. I think it’ll be better for me to go there instead of Japan. I still want to apply for Japan - keep my options open - but we’ll see~ Okay, enjoy the pictures of Yuya, I’ve rambled too much. He’s wearing a cute dino shirt he got which he adores since he’s obsessed with Dinosaurs. I need to get that boy more dinosaurs...

Here are the other two shots. Sorry there isn't much ^-^;; I hate having my blog lie with nothing in it...

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Clair said...

Eeee, Yuya's so cute! *grabby hands* I waaaaants hiiiim D:
My cousin taught for a year in South Korea; if you like, I could ask him to give you some pointers/help if you need any?
He absolutely loved it ^_^ said it was a great experience too.

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