Friday, 2 September 2011

Look I got plushies! [JPOP] [KPOP]

So today in the mail I got plushies I had custom made. One for myself of Junno and the other of Joon from MBLAQ's Oh Yeah era for my biffleface Merry. They arrived within two days of being shipped and the overall cost for them together was good. Including shipping, I'm extremely pleased. The person who made them, Summer, is incredibly lovely and amazing to work with. She's truly a wonderful person who deserves ever customer she gets - not to mention how fast she is! You can visit her shop here and please support her!

I don't have a lot of pictures. At a later date I may or may not take more pictures. I'm awaiting the arrival of more stuff so I can wrap together Merry's present and send it (in time, I hope) to her for her birthday. Under the read more are all the pictures (4 in total I think...) that I took.

I really love love love my Junno doll and from Merry's reaction so far, she adores her Joon!

Seriously, they're so adorable and I might consider buying more in the future! A whole plushie army to take over the world with! Sorry there isn't much more to this post but I really wanted to blog about these adorable little guys. I can't stop calling them that either! Aaah! I could squish Junno all night. Just wanted to also say - Summer works fast and the quality is high! The outfit Junno is wearing is from his Natsu No Basho perf from Queen of Pirates and it looks so so good! In the last picture you can see a shop photo of Junno wearing the outfit it's based on. Wow, that was a long sentence, apologies haha.


Alma said...

omg so cute! *_* I love Joon from MBLAQ! He used to be my bias, but now I like Mir more :)


Hazel Callan said...

Thanks for commenting! Joon is my best friend's ultimate bias haha. I don't have one in Kpop but I adore Junnosuke so so so much in Jpop XDD <3 Mir is so funny haha oh farmboy <3

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