Saturday, 3 December 2011

White X'Mas [BJD]

IT SNOWED! IS SNOWING! WILL SNOW MORE! SNOW! -runs around flailing about the perfect white untouched snow that she can frolick in for many months to come- So. As ya'll know, I'm in Nebraska. And it'll get super cold here for winter. We're expected the snow to stay until March, when winter is long done. So whatever. I can live with that. Snow is awesome right? And well, it makes for pretty BJD related pictures. Which is awesome! Cause, this means I can take Ash outside. Which is sort of awesome although I'm still super wary of other people and their reactions to Ash. I've had my fair share of weird experiences with people - some awesomely positive and some scarringly negetive. It's a shame since... well... it's my hobby and it doesn't hurt other people but... sometimes they take it upon themselves to remark on it in a way that's hurtful.

ANYWAYS! I took him outside, along with my friend Anton, and took some pictures of him. I took over fifty pictures but I managed to skim this down to a nice 18. I'll post them all here, a few on Flickr and then cross post to Angel-Unlimited. The UK BJD forum I happen to be on. I might also add a few to the Omaha group as well. I feel bad posting so many pictures of Ash there but he's my only doll I have here... so far ;D

Seek the rest under the read more~

Btw, his wig is from Crobi and while I adore it... GAH! -shakes fist at the stray hairs all over his face-

Sorry if some of these seem... repetitive. I try to vary my photography but you know how it is, you take 20 shots of the same pose ^^;; also, I had him standing and was taking pictures and then he decided to try and faceplant. I grabbed his arm and managed to avoid this from happening and I think it shocked Anton a bit. I lifted him up, ungracefully on his part, by the arm and declared that there would be no more pictures. That's one way to end a photoshoot - faceplants!

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