Saturday, 7 January 2012

Simply......... Yuya!!! [BJD]

POST ABOUT HIM ON ALL THE PLACES!! Finally updated my Flickr and then posted his box opening... video of fail... on DOA and AU so now it's the blogs turn. Time to update it. It's been a while and I promised a post every thursday. However, I'm wary of posting so much RL stuff here when it should be Kpop/Jpop & my BJD stuff. So I held back waiting until I had Yuya to post about.

Basically, I saw a Lewi on sale on the marketplace on DOA and well, wanted him. I was chatting to Clair at the time (when do we not chat? haha~) and decided he would be perfect for Yuya! I found it amusing to discover the Lewi I had looked at once belonged to the happiest princess! However, it didn't work out and I ended up not getting the Marketplace Lewi.

Then on the off chance, I checked DDE. Lo and behold, they had a LTF NS Lewi in stock with a faceup!! Happy days! So I nabbed him for myself muwhahahaha~ So happy I was able to get him. I've wanted a LTF since forever and I've never handled one in real life before. It soon sunk in that he was bigger than I expected but at the same time, the perfet size. He's going to be my little bullied Japanese-English child XD I can't wait to get Seiji now! And all the other LTF. Of course, I have other dollies planned too but I think I have the LTF bug for now.

I can't stop glancing at him, picking him up and just touching him. His wig is in Nebraska while I'm in Texas visiting a friend so I can't wait to get that on him. He's such a cute little bald thing though. I have clothes ordered from TTYA on Etsy that should be here soon and I've gotten him a teeshirt from the marketplace as well as shoes. Why is shopping for shoes so hard? Really, I hate shopping for BJD shoes!! Ash would need some new shoes as well.

Oh! Ash. When he meets Yuya. Shall provide for lots of fun photos. It's nice to have some new resin! I seem to average at 2 dollies a year. Wait. I have... 1.. 2.. 3.. 4... MSD... 1 SD and 1 Yo-Sd O.O When I first got into the hobby I certainly didn't think I would end up with this many! Maybe one or two! Wow, they really multiply don't they!!

In a way I'm excited to get back to Northern Ireland so I can get my poor dollies from their boxes haha. They need to be rescued!

Yuya is perfect in everyway. His faceup is gorgeous! Such amazing details. I will be on the look out for different hands for him and such. I also have something really special ordered for him so hopefully I can get it soon~~ teehee.

Yuya will have pink hair and gray eyes, by the way ^^!


Clair said...

Oh. My. Gawd. He is just the CUTEST thing I've ever seeeeeen!!!
... *claws at screen for chance to cuddle him*
You never think LTF are going to be as big as they are. I was really shocked when I handled Ren's Shiwoo; I never thought YOSD was that big at the time. But so adorable ide know what to do >3> *flails*

Hazel Callan said...

Clair wait til you see in in real life!!! He's just such a wee dote haha

Clair said...

I can't wait to!! :D

†Niesje7002† said...

What a cutie!!

Hazel Callan said...

thanks so much ^^ he's so adorable, i'm totally smitten!

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