Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wa~Ha~Ha! [BJD]

Strange title, I know. But when I think of Yuya, I think of Kanjani8 for some reason. Hmmm. Well his wig (and a new top) came in the mail finally! I was super excited to finally have him in his wig. It's a synthetic wig that I purchased from ebay. However, it sheds. A lot. Right now it's holding up but I'm worried about him developing bald spots in the future haha that would be pretty tragic for my little japanese schoolboy. He already gets bullied! I turned his photographs into a little adventure photostory aside from the one shown here....


Clair said...

N'awwwwww <3 *ruffles his hair*
I still say Ash looks like he would make a good daddy/ shot hehe :3
You should make a photostory of Yuya trying to prove to Ash that he's not annoying, but annoys him even more by trying to help him or something ^^

Hazel Callan said...

I plan to do something at some stage ^-^ poor Ash!!! He keeps glaring at me haah

Clair said...

I can imagine Ash all like "¬_¬ get this brat out of my personal space." every time you place Yuya near him :3
I love how Yuya doesn't seem to be scared of Ash :P

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